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Peter Maier has had a very interesting and unique career.

A graduate of Pratt Institute, Maier was first involved in Fine Art in his freshman year as assistant to sculptor Robert Mallary for a work commissioned by architect Phillip Johnson for the New York State Pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair — as well as being involved in Industrial Design.

After seeing Maier’s work at the New York World’s Fair, renowned Automotive Designer and VP of General Motors Corporation, Bill Mitchell, hired Maier prior to his junior year. His career was interrupted for a brief period in 1967-69 when he served as a Military Police Officer in Viet Nam.

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Upon his return, Maier went on to enjoy a distinguished career as an Automobile Designer. Being one of the youngest ever to be hired by GM, Maier rose in the ranks to become Senior Designer for Cadillac, Pontiac and Chevrolet Motor Divisions, thereby becoming part of an elite group.

Maier left the security of his position at GM in 1980—and although approached by other major automotive firms—embarked on a journey to pursue his passion as a Fine Artist on his own.

Peter Maier began as a Fine Artist and Industrial Designer—went on to become an Automobile Designer, and has returned full circle to his passion, Fine Art.

Pete handcrafts all of his easels. frames and backings.

Pete handcrafts all of his easels. frames and backings.